“Adnan! You are a gift from God.”


KARACHI (Web Desk) Pakistani social media users have turned to TV actress Ashna Shah for reminding singer Adnan Sami Khan and showing her sympathy with Pakistan. Referring to ‘O God’, he said that I heard praise from Adnan Sami Khan and Adnan Sami Khan’s thoughts on Pakistan. Adnan Sami You are a gift from God, God has given you the ability
You should spread love, not divide people. Adnan Sami responds to Ashna Shah’s tweet saying, “I love and respect everyone who irrespective of country, caste or race. He respects and loves me. However, Pakistani social media users did not like Ashan Shah’s adnan Sami reminding and sympathizing with Pakistan, and consumers reminded Ashna how Adnan Sami has been tweeting anti-Pakistan tweets. A man named Karam Hussain said, “Madam, you are expecting an alliance with the person who has taken this country.” God spared no effort in opposition. Adnan Sami is what Pakistan is today, I wonder what happened to the people who were born here, grew up here, enjoyed all the rights they got here but when cheap fame got selfish. Asif Sheikh burned a lot. There is no talent in Madame Adnan Sami. Liaquat Ali wrote in a very angry manner, sitting at the footsteps of Adnan Thackeray. Addressing, he said, you cannot change the heart of Adnan Sami by making such tweets. While the reward Fazal wrote so honorably is that he too has no sympathy for the traitors.


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