After being awarded the Medal of Honor, Mahesh Hayat was honored by the Government of Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring) The government has also given Mahesh Hayat an important post after the medal. Pakistani actress Mahesh Hayat has released a video message on her Twitter account stating that the Human Rights Ministry has made her a “good will ambassador” for girls’ rights. In his message, he said, “I am delighted to be taking the position of Ambassador of the Ministry of Human Rights for the Rights of the Child. It is a matter of pride for me and I am actively working to address this issue.” Looking forward to raising awareness. Let’s get a better future for the girls they deserve. “
It may be recalled that she was previously awarded the Medal of Honor on the basis of her performance by the President of Pakistan and after that the name of Mahesh Hayat was also included in five Muslim women changing the world. Now the Human Rights Ministry has made her a good ambassador for girls’ rights. Mahesh Hayat is working for the welfare of women and children. It should be noted that Mahesh Hayat is one of the top performers in Pakistan. He has acted in several films that have made a huge impact at the box office. Punjab will not go away, young people will not come again, and in the successful films like Actor in LA, Mahesh Hayat has increased his audience by acting excellent. Now she is going to play a role that every heroin will want to play the role. Mohit Hayat has just signed a project in which he has to play the role of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto’s life was not easy. Now he is going to make a film on his life in which Mahesh lives for the main character. For actress Mahesh Hayat, playing the role of former Prime Minister Nazir Bhutto is no less a challenge. The actress is studying books to better fulfill her role. The actress said that I love Benazir Bhutto but her role in the film is a difficult task.

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