Being a mom is a great blessing


What a pregnant woman eats has a direct effect on the baby growing up in her body. To achieve all the nutrients it is important to eat a balanced diet. Depends, too, so he or she must take a very responsible attitude toward the future child.

If she cares about food, then she should take care of it after pregnancy. The baby who develops within the mother needs a fair amount of protein because nutrition is the basic requirement for the formation of cells, blood formation, bone growth, the supply of bodily fluids, and the complete formation of hormones. Are of great importance for the physical construction of the body and the fluid required for it and for improving the cellular activities. Vitamins also play an important role in the development of vital organs within the mother’s uterus. Vitamins are also important nutrients for the growth of the fetal organs. Vitamins B12, B6, A and folic acid – pregnant women. In order to nourish the baby in the body, the activities that make the diet a component of the body are intensified. If a pregnant woman has TB disease or any other contagious disease, she should exercise caution. The life she nourishes in her body can be healthy. It is also important that the amount of blood in the pregnant woman’s body is one third higher than the normal woman’s blood volume. In addition, during pregnancy, amniotic fluid, intercellular and extracellular. Extra cellular fluid builds up, and it also benefits the baby as it reaches all of them. Affects the digestive system of the pregnant woman, causing the pregnant woman to feel chest irritation and slow bowel movements in the intestinal tract. Or thanks can also cause the condition. The pregnant woman needs a lot of peace of mind and body comfort because during pregnancy, the internal organs such as the heart and kidneys have to work more. The heartbeats are faster. The heart consumes more blood. In the meantime, if the kidney is not doing the right thing, it can cause the pregnant woman’s body to swell up, called Oedema. The swelling needs to be treated immediately so that it does not affect the baby. The weight of the pregnant person increases on average ten to twelve kilograms, which is a sign of recovery. Likewise a healthy infant carries about 300 milliliters of blood while 500 grams of protein. , Calcium 30 grams, phosphorus fifteen and iron (300 to 400 grams). The blood volume is 3.1 grams and the volume of the testes increases 1.5. All of this has a positive effect on the developing baby. If pregnant women lose weight or lose weight, then the baby will lose weight. But it should be kept in mind that if in the second or third trimester. Pregnant weight gain can lead to many complications.

Therefore, a pregnant medical checkup should be provided. During the use of unnecessary drugs, every diet during pregnancy has an effect on pregnant women and indirect abdominal births. Before eating anything you must think once that the diet is not harmful to your baby. If you are using any medication or tonic before pregnancy, you must inform your doctor about it. Avoid the use of drugs. Instead of medicating your weakness, try to supplement the diet. Organize Yourself Pregnant women need to avoid unnecessary chores. Take special care of pregnancy. Eating and getting enough sleep are important for health. Work women should not forget to rest at work. Prepare a list of daily affairs and take care of any of these unnecessary or low priority tasks. Get off the list. It’s time to be calm and relaxed. Forget about luncheons, shopping and parties. Get to bed early and get used to getting up early in the morning. Do not become lazy and relaxed, but stay away from tasks that are time and money. Constipation is called root of diseases Constipation is also the common cause of constipation for the common man. If pregnant suffers from constipation, immediately seek out Bob. Overuse of water is good for health. In addition to water, use fresh fruit juice, garlic and milk. Choose bran foods, add green vegetables to the menu Daily use of spaghetti is essential to prevent constipation. Mix one tablespoon of spaghetti in a glass of water and make it a habit to drink twice a day if constipation becomes severe. So notify your doctor right away. Avoid Depression During pregnancy, depression or any type of tension should not go too close to the pregnancy. Keep yourself free from all kinds of stress. Try to find solutions to the problems in life. Keep your motivation. If I suffer from mental distress, it will affect the baby so be careful. Strive to keep yourself free from all kinds of mental and emotional stress for better health and better mental development.


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