C-Pack’s work slowly began to wane, and it slowly disappeared.


LAHORE (News Desk) When PTI’s government came into existence, Imran Khan was the first to play a tweet with Trump. But it happened that Trump had built the bridge of praise for Imran Khan. He offered them a tour of the United States and Khan Sahib also arrived in the US in a hurry. Not only this, but within a short time, he has now been ready for another tour whose date has been announced. He did not raise his hand to anybody, and Pakistan’s shoulders have been used as a weapon to hide his gun. Yep Trump like that
Wants to use Pakistan for the purpose. When borrowed from the IMF, it asked the present government for the information of the pack which our government provided without any backlash. But the work of C-Pack has slowed down and it has slowly started to decline. Now a German broadcasting company has claimed that Imran Khan’s government is going to terminate the Sea Pack project for the sake of America. That may be true, but if the development plans are looked at then, the issue looks something like this. The German Broadcasting Agency says that a few years ago Work on the China-China Economic Corridor, started with enthusiasm, is slowing down. In the opinion of many constituencies, the project will be completely stagnant or terminated in the meantime. There is an impression about PTI that it is sacrificing C-pike to appease Washington, but one of the party’s leaders, Ishaq Khakwani, dismisses the impression. Ishaq Khakwani says that the question does not arise. Let us abandon this project, after the change of governments, there is talk, as happened in Malaysia. The project is likely to be discussed and negotiated with the payment method as well.


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