Chris Gayle says goodbye to the funky T20 league being played in South Africa

KARACHI: West Indies offensive batsman Giles has been facing criticism for his poor performance and his pain has finally come to an end. Chris Gale says in his heart that Mansi T is playing in Africa. Caribbean league batsman Chris Gayle plays by Jozy Stars in the Superleague, the former champion has played 6 matches so far.
And I haven’t even opened my account yet. Chris Gayle said he should not be held responsible for the defeat. Speaking to ESPN, he put his pain in front of everyone and said that he was not treated well in the T20 league. Chris Gayle said he doesn’t get the respect he deserves in all the leagues. He scored only 101 runs in 6 innings in this league and with that said goodbye to the tournament. He played his last match of the tournament on Saturday, in which he played a brilliant 54-run innings, The last innings was. He said that when he doesn’t run from his bat in a match or two, he becomes a burden to the team. Not saying that, but on the basis of playing with several franchises for the last long enough. He said that if the duo do not run in three matches then the chokers are a burden. It feels like one player has become a burden to the whole team and once that happens, then they hear a lot of talk. People forget what you have done.

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