Do blackberries ever come that are not properly swallowed too long, even if left to swallow, but they still have a hard time, hopefully you can tell us a good way? The situation is told, it turns out that either black gram is of old stock, one solution is to have fresh chana as the pulses become old and then they are late and their taste is not good. The same is true with black lime. The second recipe is to soak them for at least six hours, either in plain or sweet soda water before boiling. If the goats change the water after three hours possible and soak them in fresh water then it is also important to cover them so that it will benefit from extending the soaking period even if they are a bit old but they are better but Prefer freshly seasoned cooking.

Also cook them on a light flame while avoiding needless spooning while cooking and if necessary use a wooden spoon or cuffgery instead of a steel spoon. Also, be careful to use cinnamon in cinnamon. Due to which she lapses late and has severe difficulty. I have been bringing crushed garlic from the market for a while but the problem is that when I add it to the hot oil, a lot of sprouts get spoiled at home. What do I do in Sabiha Hashmi-Hyderabad Bazaar? By changing the branding of garlic, you may find yourself succeeding in discovering a standard brand. The second solution is to peel the garlic in the house and grind it in a blender and in the meantime add a little spoon of water and a teaspoon of white vinegar and half a teaspoon of salt to the powder, as well as a teaspoon of coking oil. Mix garlic will crush very well and will not spoil quickly due to white head and salt. Save in plastic jar glass jar. Keep this jar in the fridge when needed. Remove the customized garlic from the plastic spoon. And immediately refrigerate the jar. Some women also add crushed garlic to the tray of ice cubes and freeze these cubes in plastic airtight jars. You can choose the method you like. Both are convenient. It is important to keep away from metal objects ie glass jars have a tin or steel ear and do not use a spoon of steel etc to remove the garlic, but a plastic spoon will be better. In the summer, I do sweat in the head during home chores, especially in the kitchen, so the hair in my head gets hacked, how can it be removed? Manizah scholar – In Multan summer season, most women find this problem even though it is a very troubling situation but the solution is simple and easy, it is at least half an hour before shampooing. Apply pure and fresh coconut oil to the hair gently, shaking the hair thoroughly and make the top or ponytail half or an hour later shampoo and dry in the air ten minutes after wrapping the hair in a towel. Do not make a wet hair dress or braid at all until the hair is completely dry. Follow this easy method to hack all the hair. The germs will be thoroughly cleaned. Use a standard shampoo and choose a shampoo that suits your hair ie normal, dry or lubricant whatever your hair type is and take care of it while washing the hair. Keep the shampoos thoroughly washed and the shampoo remnants can also be hacked into the hair and sometimes even dry, so it is important to clean it thoroughly with water. The white underground is starting to deteriorate and how to prevent it from getting worse. Amina Batol – Sahiwal cleaned the white underground and washed with clean water using a sieve and separate the excess water in the sieve and strain it in the sun. Fry in thin slices of rice and store in airtight jars. With a little hard work you will be able to use a clean surface and it will not spoil too quickly. Here is another thing to keep in mind that the heat is not too high and run evenly with a wooden spoon so that the bottom is not too thick. If deep fry is taken, it burns or becomes dark immediately afterwards, so a slight frying should be sufficient to prevent deterioration. My skin has become rough, seemingly no reason, perhaps due to lack of daily care and attention. Mary Shahid – Health and beauty of the skin is a reflection of the health of our whole body, so it is important to note once again that there is not really any health problem if God is such a thing, then immediately before an authorized physician. Examine and follow their instructions regularly. The second point to consider is that skin disease, even if your overall health is fine, can cause facial skin irritation due to a skin disease, so consult a specialist dermatologist and consult your physician. Treat it and if you have already done both of these things and according to the doctor there is no disease, then cut thick slices of tomatoes and freeze the face with a standard soap or face wash. Meet face to face in the same shape for ten to fifteen minutes. Relax in a generous place, where the fan is moving. If it is dry wash and dry face gently furathndy water. Even if it is done daily, there is no harm. Even nowadays there is some hot weather. The face will also feel refreshed or else one day. Take a few drops of egg whites once a fortnight. Mix the juice on a clean face and wait for a long time for the white to dry. Even at this stage, wash the face with cold water and dry gently. There are simple and easy ways but very effective. You will notice a significant difference. We also like French fries with evening tea so I decided to order from the market.


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