Due to the breakdown of international underwater cables, Internet service has been fully restored nationwide

Islamabad (News Desk) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) says internet services have been completely restored across the country after removing the error in 2 international underwater cables. TCL also apologized for the difficulty in using the Internet service to users in a statement in this regard. Also shared on Twitter
In a tweet, the PTCL confirmed that the AAE (1AAE) was not damaged in the submerged cables. The current PTA said that the error in 2 international cables has been fixed, on SEAMEWE 4 at 35 o’clock in the morning while on EMEWE. In a statement released on social networking website Twitter yesterday, the PTCL said, “Due to a malfunction in the cable, the Internet in several countries including Pakistan. Russia has been affected. According to the mentioned social media post, the technical teams of the company are working for complete restoration of internet service and in this regard the company apologizes for the customer’s problems. A pro-Pakistani report said that MEWE and SEAMEWE 4 have been offline due to Internet cable malfunctions, which accounted for about 50% of Pakistani Internet traffic. The report said that The location of the cables could not be ascertained yet, but this has resulted in slow internet speeds for Internet users across Pakistan. According to the report, ISPs confirmed the problems in the internet and said that they were shifting the internet load to other underdeveloped systems, which would improve to some extent, but the service would be fully restored at the same time. When the damaged cables will be repaired. Earlier this year, various sub-cables had bad internet service in June this year. It is believed that the IMEWE error in 2017 will result in nationwide internet services. Bhag was suffering for 2 days.

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