E-cigarette destroys many families Many go to death


Washington (NNI) – United States Department of Health officials say patients who were discharged from the hospital using e-cigarettes had to be hospitalized again. According to AFP, 26 people have died from the use of electronic cigarettes in the United States, while 1300 have died of lung disease. According to the US Department of Health, deaths from diseases caused by electronic cigarette use last March. It has not been clear yet why this disease
What are the factors behind, however, health authorities are examining various aspects of the mortality from the use of electronic cigarettes? The lung disease caused by the use of this cigarette is called ‘Evaly’. This week, the use of e-cigarettes has been killed. Officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say, “We are aware of people who have been re-hospitalized for treatment, to help us better understand the disease.” Required.


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