Easy ways to plant different vegetables


After buying vegetables, many people complain that they do not look so fresh, the vegetable vendor was very appreciated for their freshness and taste, but when you use them, the falsehood is exposed, sometimes toxic. The use of chemicals also makes vegetables healthier. Many of you may have also seen the video on Facebook that created a closed cabbage with different colors,

 Seeing that many people were worried about what we were eating, are the vegetables that we really find real and free from blending? There are also programs on TV that show that vegetables in the fields are irrigated with polluted water, different colors and sprays are also sprayed on the vegetables when the fields come from the market so that they look happy and fresh. Come on, vegetable prices have been raised so much that the middle class listens to the ears. So why plant non-polluting, chemical-free vegetables at home, a great hobby will also come in handy and you will find fresh vegetables at home, with laptops and mobiles involved. You can also grow a vegetable of your choice by following just a few instructions. Kitchen gardening or home gardening doesn’t have to be a great place, you can also grow vegetables in your home’s roof and flat gallery, but be careful not to grow too much vegetables in the beginning, first of all. Be it salad or coriander mint, take any financial guidance if needed. First select the place This place is windy and sunny here, then choose which vegetables you want to grow, if the vegetables are sown in the lawn or in the field then the way to prepare the soil Traditional, if vegetable is grown in rugs, plastic bags, old tires, bottles, wood and plastic crates, the procedure is slightly different. First place the sack or cotton cloth in the crate, then add the prepared soil, which includes field or canal soil, old leaves and dung manure, etc. If you are unable to do so, prepare from nursery. Buy fertilizer, you also get fertilizer from nursery. By the way, it is very easy to make and ganic fertilizer at home as well; everyday fruit and vegetable peels, leftovers, old leaves, tea leaves. And the animal waste is dung (if there are animals at home or otherwise it will be ready for fertilizer) in the soil, the best fertilizer will be ready in 2 to 3 months, Add only a portion of fertilizer to the soil. Now add your vegetables to this fertilizer soil, cauliflower, pumpkin, aravi, potatoes, eggplant, kale, spinach, spinach, radish, radish, cucumber, tomato, sugar, potato, onion, mint, green chilli, ginger and coriander. They are sown, they can be planted from the second week of February to the end of March, their seeds and cheese are found comfortably in every city nursery, irrigate regularly after planting and every 2 weeks. Then add homemade manure and make goodies. Spray can also be prepared at home to protect your planted vegetables from insects. Mix a large tablespoon of dishwasher liquid in the house with garlic, cinnamon oil and pepper and spray it on plants. This spray will keep the insects, flies away from the plants, should have proper spacing between the plants. It is essential for their growth. Shimla peppers, green chillies and pumpkins are ready in 50 to 60 days, tomatoes, buffalo, slices are ready in 60 to 70 days, dhania, ginger grows very quickly while mint is ready to break for 40 days, 18-inch spacing is appropriate in plants, some mistakes should be avoided such as excessive fertilizer or excessive watering. Islamabad-based Mohammed Arif, who does amateur gardening and also tells others about home gardening from his Facebook group Community Kitchen Gardens, says that initially, only salads should be planted, if the experience is successful then another. Vegetables should also be grown, homemade chemicals can have a pleasant effect on the budget and human health of the home. When humans use their own hand-made vegetables, a sense of success can have a pleasant effect on their mental health as well. In recent times, environmental and geological changes have made humans realize that re-environmentally active activities. Be done. We need to make the new generation aware of the importance of plants, horticulture brings humans closer to the natural environment, home gardening can prevent many diseases that are growing from toxic chemicals and fertilizers, balanced and pollution free. Diet is the key to healthy living.


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