Government does not need opposition for new legislation: SC gives boost to government

Islamabad (SC): The Supreme Court has given the government six months to legislate for extension of the post of army chief. The question is being raised about the extension of the post of army chief to the government. It will require a two-thirds majority or a simple majority. Some analysts say the government will require a two-thirds majority, but to cover the judicial process.
The reporter says that since the amendment will be in the Army Act, two-thirds of the majority is not needed. The first thing is to amend the Act, not in the Constitution, so no opposition is required. While senior anchor Person Ali Haider tweeted that legal experts are of the opinion that the court in its short order ” Parliament “has directed the legislature, not the constitutional amendment so it will require a simple majority and not a two-third majority. Similarly, the government may not even have to resort to opposition. The son-in-law of former Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin Ibrahim offered his opinion. And gave a six-month conditional extension. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked that the Attorney General will also read the Army rules for the first time tomorrow. How do you suggest that the Army Act can be amended? During the hearing, the Chief Justice said that for the first time you have tried to come to the Constitution, whatever is in accordance with the Constitution, our hands are tied too. There is nothing written in Article 243 of the Constitution. Today, if we extend it, it will be 3 years.

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