Government drops inflation on public, Ogra raises domestic cylinder price by Rs 20


Islamabad (Monitoring Desk): The government has dropped inflation on the people, Ogra has increased the price of domestic cylinder by Rs 20, the price of LPG cylinder has been fixed at Rs 1495. According to media reports, the government dropped the inflation bomb by raising the price of LPG to the public. Ogra raises LPG prices for November. The price of LPG domestic cylinder has been increased by Rs 20. Ogra has fixed the new price of LPG for Rs 1495. During October, the price of domestic cylinder was Rs 1475. Ogra issued a notification to increase the price of LPG. OGRA, on the other hand, sent a summary to the Petroleum Division to change the prices of petroleum products. It is recommended to increase the price of petrol by one rupee per liter. Diesel price is recommended to increase by 27 paise per liter
The new price of petrol is recommended to be fixed at Rs 114, 24 paise per liter, while the new price of diesel has been fixed at Rs 127 to 41 paise per liter. The new price of kerosene is fixed at Rs 97 per 18 paise. Recommended. The new price of light diesel oil is recommended to be Rs 85/33 paise per liter. In summary, the price of kerosene has been suggested to be reduced by two rupees 39 paise per liter, while light diesel prices have been suggested to be reduced by Rs 6 to 56 paise per liter. The final decision was made in consultation with the Finance Ministry. New prices will be processed from November 1st. It is to be noted that earlier in the media reports it was said that OGRA has begun preparing summary for hike in prices of petroleum products from 1st November. The price of high-speed diesel is likely to increase by one and a half liters.


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