In 2012, 2,241 people were killed in an attempt to travel to Europe, the Spanish Civil Aid Organization said

In 2018, most of those seeking to travel from Africa to Europe are preferred to reach Spain, with a total of 2,241 illegal immigrants lost their lives in the Mediterranean this year. Released by the Spanish Civil Aid Organization A report reveals that the decline has been relatively low over the years
  The number of illegal immigrants drowning in the Mediterranean is still high. According to the report, out of the illegal migrants trying to travel to Europe from the African coasts, 3 thousand 319 in 2017 and 5 in 2016 Thousands of 96 people have been sacrificed for the Mediterranean waters. It is also stated that those who tried to travel from Africa to Europe this year have the highest priority to reach Spain. The number of illegal immigrants who succeed is 56,480. The Spanish Civil Aid Organization has also claimed that illegal immigrants Yly can not be solved by bilateral agreements because the place of the walkway opens new avenues.

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