Kissing female during live broadcast biggest shock to guy his life took place


The video of a female reporter on the US TV channel went viral when she said during the reporting that she was trying to contact a dead person. But now another US reporter’s video went viral. In the video that is being watched, a female reporter kisses a female reporter. Sarah Woist, a reporter for the US-based local news channel ‘WAV’, plays a music festival in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Can be viewed directly by reporting. In the video it can be seen that a walking man is watching a female reporter. Perhaps it sees surge in Style.

And then after she disappears from the camera, she returns to the female reporter and kisses him on the cheek. Interestingly, during live broadcast, the female reporter does not regard the process as inappropriate and makes her laugh. Another person passes by the female reporter before trying to kiss her on the way, and even then the female reporter laughs and she seems to be reporting very amusingly. After being kissed, the male anchor in the news studio asks the female reporter to kiss her on the way. Don’t feel unsafe on the go? And they also tell them that if so, they can call the police for help. When asked by the studio anchor, the female reporter laughs once again and says she needs help. But male anchors addressed policemen standing nearby, saying that the female reporter should be assisted. Later, CNN reported that the woman who kissed the reporter was detained after being identified by police. The report alleges sexual harassment against them. According to the report, the woman physically accused the woman of kissing the reporter. Accusations of harassment were also made. Later, the female reporter also shared the video of the incident on her tweet and wrote that the person who got fame from the video for a few seconds, as well as addressed the person who kissed her. “What if they didn’t kiss them?”


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