Pakistani actor Hamas Ali Abbasi temporarily removes showbiz


KARACHI (News Desk) – Leading actor Hamza Ali Abbasi temporarily took over from the showbiz industry. Hamas Ali Abbasi also warned fans in his Twitter message last month. Hamza Ali Abbasi said in his message ‘More than a decade’s journey has now reached its end, I will make an important announcement at the end of this month, hopefully my voice will reach many people.’
After the tweet, his fans were waiting for when the announcement would be made. Now the actor shared a video on social media in which he announced that he would be leaving the showbiz. Hamza Ali Abbasi in his video Explaining that I promised to make this announcement at the end of October, but due to some engagements, it was too late to make this announcement, for which I apologize. Deciding what God is about. Dakar explained the background of the decision in a video message saying, “I am a lad (atheist) in my teens Hamas said that after becoming Ladin, I looked at all religions with impartiality, and after studying it, I found Islam to be the true religion. He said that this fact came to me after a painful journey of 10-12 years. It became clear.


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