Pakistani scientist discovers organic molecule on planet Saturn, major achievement


LAHORE (News Desk) The Pakistani scientist has done a great job. The team, led by scientist Dr. Nawazir Khawaja, has found a mixture of organic molecules that are considered vital to life on the planet Saturn. According to the foreign news agency “The Nature”, a team of scientists from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, led by Pakistani scientist Dr. Nawazir Khawaja on carbon eclipses on the moon’s moon Eclipse.
Small organic compounds containing oxygen and nitrogen gases have been discovered and they have the potential to interact with other compounds. The holes have been found to evaporate in the form of steam, while such compounds were also identified in the ice particles on the moon. Organic compounds are made up of carbon and without them the concept of life would not be possible. In a statement by Syed Muneeb Ali, scientists have not yet found amino acids in the sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčEnceladus but with the presence of life. The combination of inorganic organic compounds indicates that the Enceladus could potentially be a habitat for humans.


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