Petition against Musharraf dismissed Ghazi Abdul Rasheed murder case dismissed as invalid

If former president Pervez Musharraf returns, then the case can be further enhanced. Islamabad High Court

Islamabad (Oct 10, 2019) The Islamabad High Court has dismissed the petition against the former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, dismissing the Ghazi Abdul Rashid murder case. In the Islamabad High Court, Chief Justice Atharmanullah heard a petition from the Pakistan Social and Democratic Party seeking the expulsion of Musharraf.
On this occasion, the court had asked the government lawyer that the case against Pervez Musharraf was made in 2013, where the matter is now, the public prosecutor said the challan of the case was submitted to the court in 2014.

Responding to the lawyer, the court asked why the trial was not yet completed. Pervez Musharraf not a judicial fugitive? The court, while continuing its argument, asked the petitioner what is your party related to Pervez Musharraf’s case? To which the lawyer replied that Pervez Musharraf has been a former president. So come here.

On this, the judge of the court remarked that neither you nor the accused are present in the court, so if Pervez Musharraf comes back, then this case can be taken forward. Later, the court dismissed the plea as untenable after the arguments were completed. It is believed that the case of Ghazi Abdul Rasheed’s murder in Lal Masjid of Islamabad was registered in police station.
It is to be remembered that in 2007, during the period of Pervez Musharraf, more than 100 people were killed in the operation of security forces in Lal Masjid and adjoining Jamia Hafsa. The stance was taken that the Lal Masjid had taken shelter by militants who did not accept the rule of state laws. In addition, Hafiz Haroon Rashid, son of Abdul Rashid Ghazi, filed a petition with the Islamabad High Court to file a case against former military president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf. Khateeb Ghazi Abdul Rashid’s two sons were arrested.

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