The recipe for making Gulab Jamun


Cooking time 30 minutes Cooking time 20 minutes How many people is 20 people calories 143 calories 1 country powder 1 cup 2 sugar two cups 3 eggs 1 tbsp 4 semolina a teaspoon 5 flour 1 teaspoon 6 baking powder tea spoon 7 oil 1 meal

Spoon making 1 mix country powder, egg, flour, semolina baking powder and oil Mix Mix 2 Now make small balls of this mixer 3 Heat oil in a frying pan and put these balls in a bowl. Stir until light golden 4 Add 2 cups sugar and water to a boil 5 Now add these golden balls to the lid and put them on a light flame 6 Delicious rose jam is ready.


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