Vigorous preparations for Sania Mirza’s return to tennis court, how many kilos have weighed in 4 months? Video Viral

Dubai (NNI) World-renowned tennis player and former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik’s wife, Sania Mirza, has begun vigorous preparations for a return to the tennis court. For this purpose, he has lost most of his fans in just four months, where he has received accolades from his fans, and most of them have come as a surprise. Tanya Mirza, on the social networking site ‘Instagram ‘I have a video share of her in which she appears to be exercising in the gym

On social networking websites, Tania Mirza wrote that her birth weight had increased to 26kg, which was a difficult step to reduce later, but if exercising for an hour or two daily, Can keep yourself mentally and physically fit.

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