What diseases can prevent the use of ginger and garlic? Medical experts said


New York (NNI) onions and garlic are vegetables that are used in every home and are also considered to be healthier and are now discovered to potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. According to a foreign news agency, a joint study by the University of Buffalo and the University of Puerto Rico for the first time examined the use of both vegetables in the population and its effect on breast cancer risk. The researchers discovered that women Uses garlic and ginger, among them.

Breast cancer risk is low. The results of the study strengthen past scientific evidence that it was suggested that the use of both vegetables could protect against cancer. In this new research, Puerto Rico women’s nutrition Habits have been reviewed that consume excessive amounts of onion and garlic, which they eat in the form of a saucer-sourced sauce, while they are commonly used in dishes. Is less than that and hence the population here is very important for research. Therefore, the focus is because they are equipped with flavonoids and organo-sulfur compounds and these compounds or compounds act as anti-cancer drugs in humans, which has been observed in experimental research on animals. The daily use of a combination of both sauces can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 67%. Although this research was analytical and did not explain the mechanism behind their benefit, researchers believe Flavonoids and organic sulfur compounds are the main cause


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