What is not banned from being shipped to plastic shoppers? The big announcement was made


ISLAMABAD (Online) Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Mohammad Hamza Shafqat has asked them to carry cloth bags like mobile phones in view of the problems facing consumers due to the ban on the use of shopping bags. The public should cooperate to keep the environment clean. In this regard, online when contacted by DC Islamabad Mohammad Hamza Shafqat, he said that the policy was compiled in 2013. But could not be implemented. Then in 2019, after a full consultation process involving plastic consumers, plastic makers, lawyers, administration was compiled and implemented on 14 August 2019 in Islamabad.
He said that this is a series of processes that banned the bags of main care backs in the first phase but things that are bad, such as milk, yogurt, etc. are not banned. Prior to this, many countries, including Kenya, are also implementing this policy, and no country is offering alternatives to it, and we are learning from those countries. But there are still some problems that are being worked out. On the transfer of plastic bags to other cities, DC said that since the EPA has less staff and we cannot arrange for separate noses, we are providing training to the police who are already inaccessible on the Islamabad’s entry routes. Regarding un-handled bags (flat bags), DC said that the maker of flat bags has to first obtain permission from the EPA, whose method is to first do it on a farm there and deposit Rs 10,000. And then it is allowed and the flat bags made are to be stamped on the plant mentioned above. The bag maker also has to give EPA a policy to recycle the flat bags after which Finally, he appealed to the people and said that we should use cloth bags for everyday use of our life, such as mobile. Keep your bike in a bicycle as necessary for fuel purses etc. to keep the environment clean.


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