Who is the woman who abuses a traffic police officer in Karachi?

KARACHI (News Desk) Details of the abusive woman have been revealed by a traffic police officer in Karachi, but police are still unable to locate the woman. According to the details, the incident took place in the cover area of ​​Karachi, the vehicle of a woman who violated the traffic law and abused the traffic police officer and seized it. However, the accused could not be ascertained yet. According to police sources, the woman used her mobile
Turns on for a while. Then turn off, causing problems with the search. Police say the woman had previously purchased the car from the owner two years ago and had not been transferred. The e-ticket has also been sent to the former owner of the vehicle. It may be recalled that three days ago a woman in Karachi’s Pashtun Defense area broke traffic rules and was treated as abusive with a traffic police officer. Also give threats after which the woman escaped. Later, a case was registered against the woman after which the police started searching for the woman. However, the police still failed to find the woman. The traffic police had said that the woman had not only profane words. Used but refused to take the invoice and took away the vehicle on occasion. When the video of the woman went viral on social media, users also criticized her and said that they should be prosecuted by taking strong action against such citizens who are accustomed to the protocol and consider the law as their real estate. So that no future traffic can be shown in violation of any laws or regulations.

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