Zong 4G Launches 2 Special Prepaid Roaming Packages for UAE


To provide maximum convenience to our customers, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication operators 4G has launched 2 special prepaid roaming packages for the UAE. The packages are designed to suit the needs of users traveling to the United Arab Emirates so that they can benefit from uninterrupted roaming. Zong 4G’s prepaid customers will be able to make relevant roaming bundles while traveling to the UAE. Customers can get free roaming by dialing 310 and getting the package of their choice by dialing * 4255 # for roaming packages.

Package number 1 provides 2GB data for seven days Extremely reasonable rates PKR 999 plus tax. However, under package number 2 you can get 4GB data for 15 days only 1999 plus tax. Explaining the 2 packages introduced by the company spokesperson, it is always time to ensure delivery of the most advanced services and products that are compatible with customer needs. The introduction of these two simple packages is part of our strategy to provide our customers with the best communication experience on the go. We want our customers to stay connected with their friends and relatives while traveling abroad. This offer allows all Zong 4G keypad users to get seamless and seamless internet service so that they can stay connected with their friends and relatives while traveling abroad. Zong also offers its users access to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype, which is banned in the UAE to make the roaming experience more attractive.


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